Black Rebar

While some reinforcing bar products have special coatings, such as epoxy or anti-rust treatments, these rebar types are generally reserved for marine applications and situations where the metal may be exposed to the corrosive effects of water. Black rebar is an uncoated alternative that provides superior cost effectiveness for applications where epoxy and anti-rust coatings are not needed.

At Harris Supply Solutions, we offer customers several black rebar products with varying specifications. Our standard inventory includes:

  • A615 Rebar: A615 rebar is available in 40, 60, 75, and 80 grades. It is an economical option that is used in low-stress applications where high levels of tensile strength are not necessary.
  • A706 Rebar: A706 black rebar can be welded, offering engineers and construction professionals enhanced versatility and flexibility.

Both Grade 40 and Grade 60 black rebar conform to ASTM A-615 standards.

Harris Supply Solutions is the largest supplier of steel remesh and rebar products in the United States, offering superior quality products to construction contractors and builders who demand the very best. Our customer service team is specially trained to offer customers expert advice on all types of reinforcing bar, and can meet the needs of any application. If you have questions, or would like a no-obligation price quote, contact our team today.

Rebar without any coating, we stock rebar in several grades and lengths to accommodate your needs for the job. Harris stocks rebar in several grades including grade 40, grade 60, and A706 (weldable).

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