A706 Weldable Rebar

ASTM A706 rebar is a specification given to low-alloy reinforcing bars in either standard lengths or coiled configurations. This rebar grade is processed in open hearths, electric furnaces, or basic oxygen furnaces and is available in numerous grades, including grade 60 and grade 80. A706 rebar is a weldable rebar and especially recommended for capacity-protected structures, and it is commonly used in:

  • Bent caps
  • Footings
  • Joints
  • Oversized shafts

A706 rebar can also be used in so-called “superstructure” construction elements, so long as the maximum usable strain of the structure falls within certain limitations specific to the rebar number being used. Grade A706 rebar is available in a comprehensive range of standard sizes, including numbers 3 through 11. At Harris Supply Solutions, we can also customize A706 rebar to conform to custom specifications, if you have a unique application in mind.

ASTM A706 Grade Reinforcing Bar

While A706 rebar excels in the above applications, it is not intended for use in carefully proportioned or detailed elements. It has some limitations with respect to moment curvature and inelastic structural deformations. If you have questions about the suitability of A706 rebar for your intended application, or if you have any other inquiries about our products or services, please contact us at Harris Supply Solutions.

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