Grade 60 Rebar

Grade 60 rebar offers a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch, or 420 megapascals on the metric grading scale. It also features a continuous line system, with one line running along the length of the bar which is offset a minimum of five spaces from the center. These characteristics make grade 60 rebar particularly well-suited for medium- to heavy-duty concrete reinforcement applications.

At Harris Supply Solutions, we carry grade 60 reinforcing bar products which conform to demanding ASTM A-615 specifications for plain carbon-steel bars, in addition to a comprehensive range of standard imperial rebar sizes, including:

• Rebar sizes #3 through #11

• Rebar #14

• Rebar #18

ASTM Grade 60 Rebar

We also allow our clients to submit custom specifications for their rebar orders, which are then manufactured in our state-of-the-art in-house fabrication facility and always meet demanding industry standards for quality and performance. Because we’re the largest supplier of rebar and steel mesh products in the United States, we have an extensive network of distribution centers which enables us to meet your timelines with ease. We also leverage our ability to source materials at advantageous rates to provide our clients with highly competitive prices in addition to delivering value-added service time after time.

If you have any questions about grade 60 rebar, or if you’re wondering which rebar grade or size would be best for your intended application, please contact us. One of our rebar and steel mesh experts will be happy to help you select the ideal product for your project.

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