#6 Rebar

#6 rebar is often used in concrete reinforcement applications. Specifically, this reinforcement bar is found in foundation construction and repair, in retaining walls and tilt-up walls. It is also used as a strengthening compound in caissons, pre-cast masonry products and deck-grade beams. Finally, #6 rebar is occasionally used in the road and highway construction industry in the creation and maintenance of new and existing roadways. “19MM” is the metric equivalent of #6 rebar.

Physical Characteristics of #6 Rebar:

  • Imperial bar size: #6
  • "Soft" metric size: #19
  • Weight per unit length: 1.502 pounds per foot (2.24 kilograms per meter)
  • Nominal diameter: 0.75 inches (19.05 millimeters)
  • Nominal area: 0.44 square inches (284 square millimeters)

At Harris Supply Solutions, we address the needs of construction and engineering contractors throughout the United States, serving them through a regionalized hub of supply and service centers. We are committed to offering industry-leading products at excellent prices, and we consistently strive to improve our inventory and provide our customers with innovative rebar and steel remesh supplies. This commitment has helped us grow into the largest rebar and steel re-mesh supplier in the continental United States.

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