#14 Rebar

While small rebar sizes are typically reserved for smaller-scale construction projects, #14 rebar is one of the largest standard sizes. As such, #14 reinforcing bar is primarily used for heavy-duty construction applications, particularly to provide added stability for large concrete structures. Examples include: tall buildings, parking structures, bridges, docks and industrial facilities. Rebar reduces stress on concrete, allowing it to bear loads more easily. It also enhances concrete’s inherent tensile strength, expanding the stylistic and structural options available to architects and providing engineers with a durable, reliable solution to practical challenges. Concrete that includes built-in rebar support is known as "reinforced concrete."

Physical Characteristics of #14 Rebar:

  • "Soft" Metric Size: #43
  • Weight per unit length: 7.65 pounds per foot (11.41 kilograms per meter)
  • Nominal diameter: 1.693 inches (43 millimeters)
  • Nominal area: 2.25 square inches (1452 square millimeters)

The “soft size” or metric equivalent of number 14 rebar is 43 rebar. “Soft size” is always determined by rounding up the nominal diameter of the rebar, as expressed in millimeters, to the nearest whole number.

At Harris Supply Solutions, we leverage our position as one of the largest suppliers of rebar and steel mesh products in the United States to provide our customers with a full selection of standard rebar sizes and competitive prices. We offer #14 rebar in both black and epoxy-coated finishes to ensure you get the right reinforcement product for your needs. In addition to standard rebar sizes, we can also custom fabricate rebar to your unique specifications.

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